Sam Teofilo

Date Enlisted
From City
Date Boarded
Date Detached

New York
Dates: mm/dd/yy

2/4/44 - S2c
4/18/44 - Straggler from 0700
4/20/44 - returned aboard at 1615
5/3/44 - Deck Court: absent over liberty from 0700 18 April for a period of two days nine hours 15 minutes; to lose $16 per month for two months;
TLP $32 and restriction for 20 days
7/14/44 - Captain's Mast: negligence of duty; awarded Deck Court
7/18/44 - Deck Court: neglect of duty; sentence: to be confined for ten days, lose pay $9 for two months; TLP $18
8/24/44 - Captain's Mast: sleeping on watch; Summary Court Martial
9/2/44 - Summary Court Martial: sleeping on watch; sentence: solitary confinement
10/24/44 - Placed in solitary confinement on bread and water for ten days with full ration every third day
11/3/44 - Released from brig, having completed sentence
9/27/45 - Captain's Mast: AOL four hours, 12 minutes; loss of one liberty
11/8/45 - Captain's Mast: sleeping on watch in after steering station; awarded Deck Court
11/13/45 - Deck Court: sleeping on watch; sentence: confined to limits of ship for 20 days and TLP $24 ($12 x 2)
1/12/46 - to US Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

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