Daniel Neil Sauvigne

Date Enlisted
From City
Date Boarded
Date Detached

New York
d. 4/5/90
Dates: mm/dd/yy

2/4/44 - S2c
4/1/44 - S1c
5/26/44 - transferred to Commander Destroyers Pacific Fleet for Radio School
10/8/44 - returned aboard
12/7/44 - Captain's Mast: charged with disrespectful language to superior officer; awarded three days solitary confinement on bread and water
12/12/44 - Confined on bread and water by order of CO
12/13/44 - Sentence suspended, released from confinement by order of CO
1/11/45 - Captain's Mast: late in manning battle station during morning alert; punishment: six hours extra duty
4/11/45 - Captain's Mast: sleeping on watch 3/29/45; sentence: ten hours extra duty
9/27/45 - Captain's Mast: AOL four hours, 12 minutes; loss of one liberty
3/15/46 - to PSC, Lido Beach, Long Island, NY, for discharge

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